Jetsons – future living

Futures of the Past

Jetsons theme song

adapted from Mr. Robinson

It’s fun to go back and see what people fifty years ago thought the future would be like. We’ll look at the general Future Living section together in class.

Check out one of the links to learn about another specific areas.

Write a one paragraph summary of what people thought the future would be like and a one paragraph opinion/reflection and post it on your blog. INCLUDE A PICTURE!



Space Exploration
Space Conquest
Underwater Living


Exploration 2029

This Exploration project will require you to look to the future in an area that is of interest to you. You will conduct research on new discoveries in your chosen area and relate their effect on our present and future.

When thinking of exploration, do not limit yourself to geographic searching like Columbus and Magellan. Think about other discoveries that have changed the World’s culture, and development, not just the map.

Your project will culminate in a presentation of your choice. You will be required to explain how your area will affect the world of your classmates and teacher.

Due Dates:
Topics – Thursday, May 21
Presentations – Thursday-Friday, June 4-5

Exploration 2029 explanation and requirements

Oral Presentation Rubric

Exploration Topics – Brainstorming

All students must post a comment here listing their top 3 choices for topics.  Include your name, class and 3 topics

Writing Activity

Explorers often had difficulty finding financial support for their expeditions.  Take the role of either Columbus or Magellan and write a 1 page persuasive letter to a monarch asking for support for your voyage.

In your letter, explain why the voyage is important and how it will benefit the monarch.  Be sure to use a respectful tone.

Homework:  Write a 1-page persuasive essay.  Due Wednesday 5/20/09

Video #5 Questions

Renaissance Travel, Trade & Exploration

 Video focus questions

Directions:  Answer all questions by re-stating the question in your answer.  All responses should be well thought out and well-written and posted on your blog as a Word attachment. Due Tues. 5/19/09

1.                Name some of the important explorers of the Renaissance.

2.                What kinds of navigational instruments did Renaissance explorers use?

3.                What were the explorers trying to gain by making their journeys?

4.                List some of the hardships that crewmen had to endure while on than expedition.

5.                What were some of the negative outcomes of journeys to the New World?

6.                Why were many of the explorer’s voyages considered failures?

7.                Under what flag did Columbus make his first voyage?

8.                What was Magellan’s fleet the first to do?

9.                What is the connection between the Ottomans and the “Age of Exploration”?

10.           Why were spices so desirable to wealthy people of the Renaissance?

How To Cite Your Artwork

All groups must cite their artwork in the following way.  The citation should be typed and able to fit on a  4″ x 6″ index card.  You may wish to put a border around it, add color etc. but it should be very easy to read the details.  All hung artwork MUST have their work cited card up.

Original Artist’s Full Name

Title of Artwork (in italics)


Medium and Surface

Dimensions in Inches (Height x Width)


Re-Created by: group members names in italics


Medium and Surface

Vocabulary Lesson 13

Vocablary this week is all about communication. Do the book activities, but you do NOT have to do the writing extended response.  Vocab. work is due Friday and there will be a quiz on these words Friday.

  1. audible
  2. coherence
  3. digress
  4. eloquent
  5. garble
  6. impromptu
  7. orator
  8. proclaim
  9. reiterate
  10. terse