Pre-Writing to Writing assignment


Prompt (from pg. 177 in our S.S. textbook) – Write a description of a day at Versailles from the point of view of a noble.  Then write a description of how the day might have looked to a French peasant who had the chance to observe it.

You need to use a pre-writing strategy to organize your thoughts into topic, sub-topics and details.  Some examples are to create a Web, an Outline, Flowchart, or Story Map.  You’ll need one of these for EACH paragraph (two).  Then use your Pre-Writes to write your paragraphs.

Homework for the week


Homework for the week of 2/25/08 – 2/29/08





Assignments Due



Vocab. Lesson 17 – begin

2 Paragraphs and Pre-writes on Renaissance

Vocab. 16 work (H,I)

Explorer video ?s



Vocab. Lesson 17 – begin

2 Paragraphs and Pre-writes on Renaissance

Vocab. 16 work (J)




Vocab. Lesson 17



2 Paragraphs and Pre-writes



Vocab. Lesson 17

Makeup missing assignments






Vocab. TEST – lessons 15 & 16 (meanings only + 1 sentence-3 words)

3rd Quarter Progress summary

 The 3rd quarter in Humanities is well under way.  We completed our exciting unit on the Middle Ages with all students writing ballads.  We’ve transitioned to the Renaissance now and will continue for the next couple of weeks.  We are focusing heavily on writing using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing.  This will continue as we prepare for the ERB assessments coming in early April.  You can visit the following website for details on the 6 + 1 Traits:

We’ve completed our second novel of the year, Dragonkeeper by Carole Wilkinson.  Students will conclude their work with the novel this week and we’ll all enjoy an exciting visit by the author on March 5th, 6th and 7th!  We’ll begin our 3rd novel of the year in the next couple of weeks by reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  As spring nears we encourage all students to stay focused and get their work turned in on time to the best of their ability.

Homework 2/18/08 – 2/22/08


Homework for the week of 2/18/08 – 2/22/08




Assignments Due

Monday 2/18/07 Vocab. Lesson 15 – Due Wed.

Renaissance writeups due – Leonardo/Michelangelo

Vocab. 16 – begin

Tuesday 2/19/07 Vocab. Lesson 15 – study

Vocab. 16 – cont.

Wed. 2/20/07 Vocab. 16 – cont.

Pg. 167 questions #1-3

Vocab. Lesson 15
Friday 2/22/07 Vocab. Lesson 16 – Due Mon./Tues next week

Renaissance Video ?s – due Mon./Tues. (Explorers)

Pg. 167 questions #1-3 (J)




Quiz – Vocab. Lesson 15 (spelling & definitions)

Click here for the Homework 2/18/08 – 2/22/08 in a word document

Leonardo and Michelangelo writeups

30 point Quiz grade

Remember the paragraphs you wrote about the two great Renaissance men Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo?  You had your group score them using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing  rubric.   You will revise those writings, editing them and using the scored rubrics to help make your writing better.  Please type up your final drafts and score yourself.  What would you give yourself if you were the scorer?  If it’s not a 25 or above then you should revise again.  Use the 6 + 1 Traits guide to help you.

Due Monday 2/18 (H,I) or Tuesday 2/19 (J) – 30 point Quiz grade 

Everyday Life in the Renaissance

Everyday Life in the Renaissance

  1. Write down your HW in your Agenda
  2. Vocab. 15 words – preview
  3. Everyday life in the Renaissance – video pre-viewing discussion questions
  • What is meant by “everyday life?” What are the components?
  • How has everyday life changed from your parent’s generation to yours? How might it change in your lifetime?
  • What do people today do for entertainment? How might entertainment be different today from in the Renaissance?
  • What epidemics have occurred in the last 100 years? How does the threat of an incurable disease affect a population?

4.    Video – Everyday life in the Renaissance

5.    Video Focus Questions – answer all questions on white lined paper. Use complete         sentences re-stating the question in your answers.

6. Vocab.15 work

Agenda as a Word Document – including HW


  1. Vocabulary 15 – due Wed. 2/20/08
  2. Revise and Rewrite your Leonardo and Michelangelo paragraphs using the 6 Traits of Writing – due Mon./Tues. of next week – Quiz grade for each (30pts.)
  3. Everyday Life in the Renaissance video questions – due Friday

* Test on vocab. 14 & 15 next Wed. 2/20/08