7th grade reflection

Write a reflection on your seventh grade year to date.  Post you well-thought out and described answers on your blog, password protect it, and categorize it as SLC.

What have been some of the highlights, the lowlights?

Where have you really improved?

Where have you disappointed yourself?

What do you wish you could change, what would you keep the same?

Think about your year in terms of academic, social and emotional. Try to address all three areas.

Student poets

7th graders are Poets!  Wow, there is some amazing poetry coming from inspired Middle Schoolers.

I love how Hannah captures how religion impacts the world in her Acrostic Poem titled Religious Impact:

Religion impacts the world
Eternal fighting for
Love and faith of their religion……

Click here to read her whole poem and others by Hannah.

Luke used a ballad to describe the black death in the Middle Ages in his poem titled, And the Black Death Held Sway Over All.

On a cold December

The black death held sway over all

Never will I remember……….

Click here to read his whole poem and other great poems and posts by Luke.

The week at a glance

  • Poetry Portfolios are due today, Monday.  You should finish and turn in the following:
  1. Paper Portfolio (include a cover, table of contents, checklist and all 6 poems with reflections)
  2. Blog Portfolio (upload all 6 poems as Word docs. into a Blog post)
  3. Blog iMovie (upload your iMovie onto your Blog.  Introduce your poem.
  • Vocabulary Lesson 10 this week, words related to The Arts.
  • TEST on Lessons 9 and 10 on Thursday this week.
  • We’ll be reading letters to us from students at AIS in Israel.  We’ll write letters back to them later in the week.
  • Prepare yourself for the Plague….Black Death Day comes on Friday!!!!  Plague in the news, click here.

Poetry Portfolio

Today I introduced the Poetry Portfolio that will showcase six poems that you’ve written during our poetry unit in humanities.  Please use this checklist and rubric for your reference.

For this portfolio, you’ll be writing six poems. You will write one ballad, one limerick, one acrostic, one cinquain, and two poems of your choice. The two free choice poems must be different. The portfolio will include one poem for each of the four essential questions, one poem about Catherine, Called Birdy, and one free choice topic.

Use the chart to help you keep track of what types and topics you are writing!

The poems that you turn in should be your top quality work. The point of this portfolio is to demonstrate that you can write a variety of different poems while showing what you have learned about the Middle Ages and CCB. QUALITY > speed.

In addition to compiling your portfolio, you will be reading one select poem, the best of your best, to the class and recording it to post on your blog. Be prepared. next week we will discuss how to effectively read poems. We’ll also have the mac laptops so you can film and post your poem.

Essential Questions & table of contents page