Welcome to 7th Grade!

How to Survive 7th Grade

To be successful in 7th grade this year, you will need to:

  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Come to class prepared with all your necessary materials
  • Take positive risks
  • Actively participate
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Stay organized
  • Take care of yourself, others and your space
  • Believe in yourself

7th Grade Grading Policy – English and Social Studies

(based on current educational research and best-practices)

  • Grades will not be based on behavior
    • Attendance and attitude are not part of your grade
    • Grades will not be reduced for late work
    • If work is not handed in on time:
      • Students must make the work up on their own time (after school, during break, before school, etc.)
      • After 3 days, an e-mail will be sent home
      • Extra credit will not be offered or given
      • Grades will not include a group grade for group assignments
      • Grades will not include zeros for missing assignments
        • If a graded assignment is not turned in, students will receive an incomplete until the assignment is handed in.
        • Students will be included in the grading process.
          • Students will be given rubrics for all major assignments, will be asked to self assess their work, peer assess, and also to reflect on the work that they have done.
          • Homework/Classwork/Practice will not be included in the final grade.

___________________________________________________________           ____________________________

Student Signature                                                           Date

__________________________________________________________ ____________________________

Parent Signature                                                             Date

Grading – English


Homework & class work

  • All practice work
Published Writing

  • Essays, published journals, narratives, poetry, etc.



  • All formal presentations to the class



  • Individualized based on STAR assessment  & AR goals



  • Vocabulary quizzes



  • Comprehension checks and summative assessments


Grading – Social Studies


Homework & class work

  • All practice work
  • Test


  • Quiz


  • Project


  • Presentation


Supplies to bring to class every day
1 Planner / Diary
2 Notebook / Binder with dividers and paper
3 Pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, glue stick
4 Journal
5 Novel and / personal reading book
6 USB thumb drive for computers

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