Sentence Fluency


Sentence Fluency is the rhythm and flow of the language, the sound of word patterns, the way in which the writing plays to the ear, not just to the eye. How does it sound when read aloud? That’s the test. Fluent writing has cadence, power, rhythm, and movement. It is free of awkward word patterns that slow the reader’s progress. Sentences vary in length and style, and are so well crafted that the writer moves through the piece with ease.

Questions to ask when trying to improve Sentence Fluency…

How can I . . .

  • Re-write sentences to improve their flow from one to another so that my writing has cadence much like a piece of music?
  • Introduce variety to the length and type of sentence in ways which seem natural and pleasing rather than forced and awkward? Can I combine some short sentences? Can I replace clauses with phrases?
  • Insert bridging words such as adverbs both at the beginning and also within the body of my sentences to avoid stringing overly simple clauses together in a choppy manner?
  • Change the words within sentences to eliminate “deadwood” and clarify meaning?

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