Catherine, Called Birdy

We are diving into the Middle Ages as we begin reading the novel Catherine called Birdy by Karen Cushman. I think it is quite an easy and fast read on the surface….however there are a lot of ideas and themes in the book that are extremely interesting to study.

We will be reading the beginning, September diary entries, in class. So don’t read ahead. We’ll begin by reading the Author’s note at the back for some very interesting information about life in the Middle Ages.


This game is being used by Mr. Power’s classes. It simulates life in the Middle Ages. By following this link it will take you to the website By clicking on the picture you can also sign up……Here you can register and join an extremely large community of gamers all intent on building a wealthy state and attracting Vassals and Knights. Give it a go…….make sure you have your parents permission though. From what I have seen it is very fast! I challenge you to beat me! Go for it responsible Serfs!!!!

Feudalism writing assignment

Online Feudalism activity. Go to the following website, choose a guide or character you want to learn more about. Learn about what their life was like in the Middle Ages. Write 1/2 – 1 page first-person account of daily life for them. Make up a name, use some appropriate Old English vocabulary, develop a voice and describe your life for us. Feel free to give yourself a family and describe them as well. Have fun with it.

Web Code: lgd-8501

(Write a first person account, ½ to 1 page, on one topic) – Typed

 Due:  Monday(H,I) , Tuesday (J)