Have a great holiday

I trust everyone had an exciting and reflective Black Death Day.

Have a wonderful break everyone. When we return we’ll be continuing our study of the Middle Ages, and delving deeper into poetry. You should work on, and develop, your slam poem over the holiday. Find some inspiration and make sure it comes from the heart, or something you are passionate about. The 7th grade Poetry Slam will be on April 25th.

Enjoy the time off,

Mr. Cole

Body Map of a 7th Grader

Creatively add details to your gingerbread man. This should be a reflection of you, a 7th grader.


Top of head –  things we dream about

Eyes –  things we like to see

Mouth – cool expressions we use

Left ear – music we like to listen to

Right ear  – things we like to hear our teachers say

Left hand  – games (video, board games) we like to play

Right hand  – our heros

Left foot  – sports we like to play

Right foot  – favorite movies

Left leg  – places we have travelled

Right leg  – who we want to be when we grow up

Torso  – things we think about

Heart  – people who are close to us

Student Led Conference schedule

Here are the SLC signup confirmations. As of today, all students are signed up. Everyone got their first or second choice, but if you’d like to make a change and to another time slot, simply email me. Maximum 3 SLCs per time slot.

Thursday, November 3
12:30 – Claudia, Max, Brennan – FULL

1:30 – Jaxson, Alisa, Evelyn – FULL

2:30 – Minjae

3:30 – Lachlan

Friday, November 4
12:30 –
May, Zo, Cassie – FULL

1:30 – Simon

2:30 – Michael

I sincerely look forward to speaking with you on Thursday or Friday!

Student Led Conferences

SLCs are coming. Here is a checklist to help you get prepared.

During your SLC conference you will need to:

  • Dress formally (BOYS – button down shirt and tie – no jeans) (GIRLS -dress nicely – no jeans)
  • Welcome your parents
  • Go to your Homebase page on your iWeb portfolio.  Lead your parents through your Student as a Learner Profile.  Explain to them why you have rated yourself in each area as you did.  Please be sure to emphasize the areas that you have chosen to link to your SMART goal.
  • Discuss your SMART goal and your strategies for success.  How can your parents help to support you in achieving your goal?
  • Discuss with your parents the three learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  Share with your parents your learning style prediction.
  • Together visit the on-line learning styles survey.  Complete the survey together and discuss what the suggestions mean for you as a learner.
  • Present the information you have prepared for each of your classes.
  • Thank your parents for coming and make a plan for visiting with your core and specialist teachers.

From Oct. 19th:

In homebase today you’ll be talking about and developing your own SMART goals.

  1. Students should reflect and rank themselves on the rubric for each sub-category on the SLP sheet
  2. Students will change the color of the appropriate cell to white to indicate their category standing (select cell, fill color, white)
  3. Students will need to save their SLP reflection for later use on their iWeb Homebase page

SMART goals

  1. Review SMART Goals (see attached)
  2. Each student will create one SMART goal based on their SLP reflection
  3. Each student will Conference with the teacher
  4. Store SMART goal for future transfer to iWeb Homebase page

Click HERE for the SLP rubric

Click HERE for the S M A R T Goals sheet

Welcome to the 2011/2012 School Year

Welcome to Mr. Cole’s 7th grade humanities class. I’m excited for the new school year. Take a look around the blog and get familiar with Ol’ King Cole’s Castle.

Dave pandasHere’s a highlight of returning to China after the summer. Doing a panda research internship in Chengdu where we got to work with pandas for a day. What was a highlight for you?

Happy Holidays-See You Next Year

Pompeii1Pompeii Day is behind us, and I’m happy to report the survival of all participants. What a fun day filled with togas, multiple takes and out-takes, scripting, acting, filming, and laughing. Well done to all.


When we return on January 10th, we will wrap up our study of Rome by looking at the fall of Rome. How could the mighty Roman Empire ever collapse? You will be working on your Pompeii Day iMovie. Think of it as digital storytelling. Use all the video footage and the tools on your laptop to re-create a believable and entertaining story of that fateful day in 79A.D. We’ll also get back into our Vocabulary routine, and some journaling. Coming up soon after the fall of Rome will be our in-depth study of the Middle Ages in Europe. The Dark Ages loom.


Happy Holidays to you all. Safe travels and come back to school refreshed and inspired.

King Cole signing off.Pompeii2


The Giving Tree

We still have one Giving Tree bag to fill by Wednesday for our homebase. This bag will be one of over 600 filled by SAS families and donated to the PuGuang Migrant School. We need families in our homebase to volunteer to donate one of the items below. All gifts should be NEW.

Bag #PDD0445  –  Name: Ding Yong Chao

Male, age 12, Height 140cm, Weight 38kg, shoes size 36

  • Coat –
  • Hat –
  • Mittens –
  • Toy –
  • School Supplies –
  • Other –

SLC Confirmations

Parents – here are the confirmations for SLC times. Almost all families got their first choice. If you have a problem with your time slot, please let me know ASAP. Students are working hard in putting together a meaningful SLC to share with you.

Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 11.48.36 AM