5 Themes of Geography Presentation

This presentation is made up of two parts, a visual part and a spoken part. Make sure you devote time to both. The visual can be a slide show, a poster, an iMovie, or any other visual representation of the 5 themes that you can think of.

Remember, keep your slide show simple. Do not overload slides with text. You’ll be speaking, so there’s no need to have tons of words in your slideshow.

Here’s the useful slideshow from class:

Stop Killing Students With PowerPoint

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This slideshow might be useful, too.

You can find pictures at FlickrStormTag GalaxySearch-Cubeetc.

When you’re speaking, remember PIPES:

Projection – Talk loud enough for the person in the back to hear you.
Inflection – You’re not a robot, but you’re not on stage either.
Pacing – Speak slower than you think you need to.

Eye Contact – Look everyone in the eye at least once.

Stance – Stand naturally; don’t move around. (The podium will help.)

5-Themes-presentation-rubric 2013

This is the rubric I’ll use to grade your presentation, so be familiar with it, and design your presentation slideshow with the rubric in mind.

5 Themes Practice Quiz

Christianity and the Roman Empire

  1. What ideas did Jesus teach?rome_a6
  2. Why did Jesus’ ideas attract so many followers?
  3. Why do you think the Roman governor had Jesus put to death?
  4. What was the Roman Pantheon?
  5. What does persecution mean?
  6. In what ways were Christians persecuted?
  7. Look at source A in the attachment. How do you know that the owner of the house was a Christian? Explain your answer fully.
  8. What helped the spread of Christianity?
  9. Look at source C. Why do you think that Constantine had the troops paint the emblem on their shields?
  10. Make a list of things that have remained the same since Roman times in the Roman Catholic Church.
  11. Which of the sources are primary and which are secondary? Explain your answer fully.
  12. What does source A tell you about the spread of Christianity?
  13. Writing Activity: You are a Roman citizen who has just learned about Christianity. Write a paragraph describing what you now know about the religion. Write your description from the Roman’s point of view.

Christianity and the Roman Empire

5 Themes of Geography

The five themes of geography are location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction.5themes

The five themes enable you to discuss and explain people, places, and environments of the past and present.

Location-being able to describe where things are located. Absolute Location uses latitude and longitude, while relative location describes where something is in relation to other places.

Place – describes what a place is like.

Region– places can be grouped by similarities, or features they have in common. (physical features and human features)

Movement – describes how people, goods, adn ideas move from one place to another.

Human-Environment Interaction – describes how humans

Here are the questions from pg. 40 in the green geography book. Answering these questions is classwork/homework and will help you prepare for the quiz on Tuesday.

1. Explain the significance of (continent, absolute location, latitude, longitude, reletive location, migrate)

2. Use a chart to list and explain the 5 themes of geography.

3. What physical processes can cause places to change over time? How do push and pull factors cause migration? What are some ways people have adapted to their environment?

4. What factors make your part of China a region?


Your narrative needs to have a strong beginning, middle, and ending.

Did you choose one of the 3 ways to grab your reader’s attention? (beginning)

  1. Start with interesting details.
  2. Use sensory details to grab the reader’s attention.
  3. Begin with a person speaking.

Is your middle well organized? Use time transition words to link ideas together in time order.

  • before, during, finally, while, suddenly, when, immediately, next, afterward, soon, later, until, then, after, as soon as

Does your ending work well?

  • Don’t leave unanswered questions in your narrative. Give your reader a satisfying ending.