The Ideas are the heart of the message, the content of the piece, the main theme, together with all the details that enrich and develop that theme. The ideas are strong when the message is clear, not garbled. The writer chooses details that are interesting, important, and informative, often the kinds of details the reader would not normally anticipate or predict. Successful writers do not tell readers things they already know; e.g., “It was a sunny day, and the sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy white ” They notice what others overlook, seek out the extraordinary, the unusual, the bits and pieces of life that others might not see.

Questions to ask when trying to improve Ideas…

How can I . . .

  • Change the way I write my sentences so that the main ideas stand out more clearly?
  • Add evidence or examples so that my ideas stand with enough support?
  • Add details, testimony or information which will make my paper more convincing?
  • Explain my reasons for not agreeing with opposing ideas and possibilities?
  • Improve the logic of my argument?
  • Strengthen the connections between ideas, examples and illustrations?

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