Exerpts on Feudal life – student authors

Wow, we have some amazing writers in 7th grade. Students were asked to write a 1/2 – 1 page narrative about a day in the life of a Peasant, Merchant, Nun, or Knight. Read some excerpts from our talented young authors.

One Day as a Farmer’s Wife – by Crystal – grade 7

“With a heavy sigh, I realize that it is the warm, dim sunlight of dawn upon my worn face, peeking through the gaps in the crude wall of my cottage, made simply of mud-plastered branches. I shift uncomfortably on a sack of straw, finally stretching out my stiff arms and getting up, despite the reluctant groan of my joints. My two sons, Mathew and Samuel, and my daughter Isabelle are still asleep; deciding that they deserved another hour of rest, I tried not to disturb them as I reached over to nudge my husband awake.

I pulled on my stockings and my coarse wool dress, the bitter scent of wood smoke clouding the room. As I prepare a small breakfast of homemade bread and a generous mug of ale, my husband pulls on his own stockings and tunic, prepared for yet another laborious day. We had survived another cruel winter, and were now striving towards yet another, struggling through the fields in order to keep stew on the table and wool over our bellies.”

Knighthood – by Jesse – grade 7

“It was a cold winter’s morning as I arose from bed. I had just received a letter 2 days ago saying that I must go to war with a village to the north and that we would leave at sundown today.

I walked over to my squire to help him with his armor so that he could accompany me in battle. then he helped me put mine on. Lately he has been so obediant and hard working with his studies, chores, and sword practices that I think that he might be ready to become a knight, but I’ll let the battle decide that.”

The Nun’s Realm – by Hannah – grade 7

“The Roman Catholic Church touches everyone’s life, no matter what their rank or class. As a nun in medieval Europe I have to be obedient to the bishops and the head of the Church who is the Pope. My daily tasks include praying, working, and taking a vow of silence. I also attend many church services during the day. The first one is at dawn and the last one is in the middle of the night. The food that I eat is very simple and the clothes that I wear are called habits.”