King Cole

King Cole

Welcome to 7th grade Humanities! I’m David Cole and I grew up in California, met my wife Kara in Germany (she’s from Boston), and I’m in my 17th year of teaching.

I’m excited to be teaching as a humanities teacher at ISA for a second year.  I am a passionate teacher who loves working with students and getting them excited about learning. I especially love writing and look forward to inspiring our 7th graders to strive for excellence and be more creative in their own writing.

My wife Kara teaches grade 6 at ISA and we have two daughters, Isabel and Abigail.

Email me if you have questions:


4 thoughts on “King Cole

  1. Hi Mr. Cole, I also teach 7th grade, although Social Studies – world history from the fall of Rome through to the Explorers where our 8th grade teachers take over. I love your web – blog – the first I’ve visited. Quite impressive work from your students and great info related to curriculum. I would love to hear more about your school and program. I live in NH and teach at Hollis Brookline Middle School. My students just made manors, castles and cathedrals as we began our Middle Ages studies. We’re exploring the plague, and will enter the crusades next week – I have done a Interactive simuation in the past, and look forward to that. Please write and would enjoy sharing ideas with you. Great site!
    Sue Connelly

  2. Thanks Sue for the nice comments. I taught on Cape Cod for 6 years before coming to Shanghai. I love the school here and the kids are great. Check out our school’s website at
    It’s an impressive school with a huge technology push. You can check other blogs and get a feel for it.

    Take care

  3. Hey Mr. Cole!

    We are currently on our poetry unit in 8th grade, so I just wanted to check out some of my old poems on your blog! How is it in…Scotland?

    ps: Rachel also says hi!

    • Hi there Lena! Great to hear from you. We are doing poetry here in Scotland too. We’ve looked at some of your poems as examples. How is the Ebaisha clan going? Say hi to Rachel. How’s 8th grade?
      Mr. Cole

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