Catherine's Change

Throughout the book, Catherine’s view of the world changes. She matures and grows as the year goes on. In literary terms, she is what is called a dynamic character. Use this document as we read to track and take note of specific examples that show how Catherine’s view of the world changes as she gets older.

Save it to your computer, and use it as we read in class.

Vocabulary – Catherine Called Birdy #2











For the homework due Thursday, you’ll need to do five things…
#1 Write your own definition
#2 Write one synonym
#3 Write one antonym
#4 Write a sentence using the word
#5 Write a journal entry using all ten words

Use the template below to do your vocab. homework

CCB Vocab Template
VIRL in the comments. Good luck!

Catherine Called Birdy – by Karen Cushman

We are diving into the Middle Ages as we begin reading the novel Catherine called Birdy by Karen Cushman. It may seem like it is an easy and fast read on the surface….however there are a lot of ideas and themes in the book that are extremely interesting to study.

We’ll begin by reading the Author’s note at the back for some very interesting information about life in the Middle Ages.We will be reading the book together in class. If you’d like to review the first chapter, or listen to it, here is the digital version as an audio file:

September-November Audio

Here are some chapter summaries that can help you understand the book more thoroughly and review for quizzes.

Chapter summaries “September” – “November”

We’ll be looking at, and discussing, the Literary Elements and Terms while reading this book. Take a look at this document and get familiar with them.