The End of Rome

It has been a glorious journey, but our Rome unit has come to an end, just as the 2008 calendar year is about to.  When we return to school in January we’ll begin our study of the Middle Ages.  I encourage all students to bring a good book or two for the holidays and to read.  We’ll begin using Accelerated Reader in the 3rd quarter.

Your other homework is to enjoy time with your family and friends and come to school in 2009 re-charged.

King Cole

Pompeii Day approacheth!

Tomorrow is Pompeii Day!

Don’t forget your toga and any costume or prop you plan on using.

Food – all students are expected to bring food to contribute to the Mediterranean Cafe for the Roman feast.

Come prepared to have some fun. Get creative.

Here are the roles for the Pompeii Day video production:

Anchor – 1
Interviewer – 3
Eye-Witness – 4
Math Expert – 4
Science Expert – 4

volcano images: – kid friendly animation of volcanoes/pyroclastic flows – molten lava eruption – Mt. Pinatubo in Philippines (good background info, similar volcano to Pompeii)

Here are links from a website on volcanoes:

Formation of a Volcano

This is a good introductory illustrated site for volcanoes.
Volcano World (University of North Dakota)
This site provides volcano information including identifying currently erupting volcanoes, a collection of volcano images and video clips, plus volcano parks, monuments, and observatories.
Webpages within Volcano World:
2) ‘Kid’ Door
3) Building Volcano Models
4) Do You Want to Become a volcanologist?
5) Top 101 Ask a Volcanologist Questions
6) Volcanic Rocks
Related Website:
7) Volcanologists or Volcanology
Savage Earth: Out of the Inferno
This companion site to the PBS series has pictures, movies, and explanations of what causes volcanoes and what happens when they erupt.
Volcanoes by Wheeling Jesuit University/NASA Classroom of the Future
This is a great site to learn about types of volcanoes, lava, and see some animations of eruptions.

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