Roots & Shoots EAGLES Reflection

Roots and Shoots members.  It’s that time of year.  Sadly our time together is coming to a close.  After opening the following document, take your time and reflect on the Roots & Shoots elective and what you’ve learned and gained.

Please print when finished and turn in to Mr. Cole

Roots & Shoots EAGLES reflection

Rome Presentation

Use the rubric below to help you prepare for the Oral Presentation

Your presentation will be about 2 minutes long.  Do NOT read, but tell us about your topic from memory.  It is a good idea to have note cards or bullet points written down to help you.  You will film yourself using iMovie, on your computer.  You should have your images/slides/pictures loaded onto a classmate’s computer before class.

Red and White classes will present Thursday, 12/10/09

Blue class will present on Friday, 12/11/09

Presentation Rubric