Essential Questions

Finding Your Voice

1. How can overcoming a challenge make us a better person?

2. How does the past help shape our identity?

3. How does the writing process affect our writing?

4. What makes your voice unique?

The Rise and Fall of Rome

1. How did the ancient Romans live?

2. What influence has the Roman Empire had on our lives?

3. How do civilizations rise and fall from power?

4. What are the qualities of a great leader?

Society in the Middle Ages

1. How does fear affect people’s actions?

2. What social roles do people play in life?

3. How does a religious group impact a society?

4. What can cause a society or civilization to regress?


1. Why do people create?

2. What makes a Renaissance person?

3. What compels people to explore?

4. How can an individual impact society?

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