AR website – Take quizzes.

ARBookfinder-UK– Find AR books and point values.

ARBookFinder-US – Search the US site for level and points

ATOS Level Analyzer for books and text – Find out book level for books and text

ISA’s Online Catalog-Heritage – Can only be used while at school

AR using Multiple Intelligences – Show me what you learned.

Reading Log 2013 – Keep track of what books you have read and activities you have completed.

UK Guided Independent Reading Summary – Read how independent reading can help you

AR Book List by Level – Find books at different reading levels (raise your ZPD!)

Great Books for Middle School Reluctant Readers – books with check mark can be found in the ISA library – Here’s a challenging booklist – And another great challenging booklist

Book Recommendations from Mr. Cole’s Middle Schoolers



Here are some examples for each activity!

Verbal / Linguistic #1 for Eragon by Michael
Verbal / Linguistic #2 for The Hunger Games by Rebecca
Verbal / Linguistic # 3 for The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Sam
Verbal / Linguistic #4 for The Various by Ryan
Verbal / Linguistic #5 for Hatchet by David Y.
Verbal / Linguistic #6 for The Titan’s Curse by Sam
Verbal / Linguistic #7 (writing) for The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel by Jordan

Logical / Mathematical #1 for Eragon by Michelle
Logical / Mathematical #2 for Warriors: Forest of Secrets by Dillon
Logical / Mathematical #3 I still need a good example for this one!
Logical / Mathematical #4 for Life of Pi by Marc
Logical / Mathematical #5 for  Drowned Wednesday by Dylan

Visual / Spatial #1 for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by David K.
Visual / Spatial #2 for Harriet Spies Again By Andy
Visual / Spatial #3 for And Then There Were None by Andy
Visual / Spatial #4 for Twilight by Jing En
Visual / Spatial #5 for The Giver by Jimmy
Visual / Spatial #6 for The Name of this Book is Secret by Tracy

Body / Kinesthetic #1 – I still need a good example!
Body / Kinesthetic #2 for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Jimmy
Body / Kinesthetic #3 – I still need a good example!
Body / Kinesthetic #4 for Warriors: Firestar’s Quest by Dillon
Musical / Rhythmic #1 for Catching Fire by Rebecca
Musical / Rhythmic #2 (music) for Kissed by an Angel by Marilynne
Musical / Rhythmic #3 for Midnight for Charlie Bone by Michelle

Intrapersonal #1 for Much Ado About Anne by Jing En
Intrapersonal #2 for Burned by Katie
Intrapersonal #3 for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Stephanie
Intrapersonal #4 for Spin the Bottle by Catherine
Intrapersonal #5 for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by Jimmy
Intrapersonal #6 – I still need a good example!
Intrapersonal #7 for Adeline by Kaitlin

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