Have a great holiday

I trust everyone had an exciting and reflective Black Death Day.

Have a wonderful break everyone. When we return we’ll be continuing our study of the Middle Ages, and delving deeper into poetry. You should work on, and develop, your slam poem over the holiday. Find some inspiration and make sure it comes from the heart, or something you are passionate about. The 7th grade Poetry Slam will be on April 25th.

Enjoy the time off,

Mr. Cole

CCB Review materials

On Monday you’ll have a Catherine, Called Birdy final assessment.catherine

Use this Catherine, Called Birdy review packet to help you study for Monday’s test. The packet will help refresh your memory and guide your studying. Don’t forget that the test will ask you to explain your thoughts, so you need to include as much support, especially textual examples, as possible. I suggest trying to fill out as much of the study packet on your own, without the book, then finding what you don’t know. Dividing the work up amongst a group and then sharing answers  is not a smart way to prepare for Monday’s test.


If you are on the Spanish or French trip, you’ll be taking this CCB-alternate final assessment. It’s an essay which is explained in detail in the attachment. You’re essay should be complete when you return. You’ll one day, upon return, to get teacher help, ask questions, edit, revise – and it will be due the next day.

If you need to take a break from the study packet, take the Catherine, Called Birdy AR quiz. No project needed, and another great way to review. It’s worth 8 points for AR, and is a 6.4 reading level.

Vocabulary – Catherine Called Birdy #3

(adj) abominablebaffled

(v) coax

(v) confound

(adj) idle

(adj) malignant


(n) morsel

(n) notion

(n) remorse

(adj) vengeful

Homework this week: Due Thursday March 8

For the homework due Thursday, you’ll need to do five things…
#1 Write your own definition
#2 Write one synonym
#3 Write one antonym
#4 Write a sentence using the word
#5 Write a journal entry using all ten words

Use the template below to do your vocab. homework

CCB Vocab Template
VIRL in the comments. Good luck!