TED Talks

Computer students: Click on the link below and follow the flipped lesson on

Questions No One Knows the Answers To:Questions

http://ed.ted.com/on/RYhudJZt – preview

Question 1:


Question 2:


How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries:Simple Ideas


Part 1:

Watch the preview of the first video. If you are interested in it, watch the Question 1 video, Question 2 video, or both. Answer the questions that come at the end. If you are not interested in those videos, then choose option 3. Watch that video and do the questions that follow.

Part 2:

Now it’s your turn. Go to TED.com and search for a TED Talk video that interests you. This is a computer class, so it would be good if it was related to technology, computers, innovation, or something that uses computers or technology. Watch the video and take notes. You will be presenting what you’ve learned to the class in a unique way.

Your presentation can be just oral, but you would benefit from some visuals. Consider using PowerPoint, or Prezi for something newer and more interesting. Take screen shots using Snipping Tool – great for taking photos of parts of the TED talk presentation. Finally, you will present your inpiring TED Talk to the class. You’ll have two class periods to find a TED Talk, create the presentation, and practice it. You’ll present it to the class on the 3rd class period.

TED-Talks-presentation rubric 2013

Click  HERE for a link to many presentation tools, most of which you’ve never seen or heard of before.

Need help with your presentation skills? Watch this: