Video #5 Questions

Renaissance Travel, Trade & Exploration

 Video focus questions

Directions:  Answer all questions by re-stating the question in your answer.  All responses should be well thought out and well-written and posted on your blog as a Word attachment. Due Tues. 5/19/09

1.                Name some of the important explorers of the Renaissance.

2.                What kinds of navigational instruments did Renaissance explorers use?

3.                What were the explorers trying to gain by making their journeys?

4.                List some of the hardships that crewmen had to endure while on than expedition.

5.                What were some of the negative outcomes of journeys to the New World?

6.                Why were many of the explorer’s voyages considered failures?

7.                Under what flag did Columbus make his first voyage?

8.                What was Magellan’s fleet the first to do?

9.                What is the connection between the Ottomans and the “Age of Exploration”?

10.           Why were spices so desirable to wealthy people of the Renaissance?

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