Poetry – How to Write an Acrostic Poem


Acrostic poems are one of the easiest to write. Select a topic, then think of a key word (or group of words) related to that topic and write it vertically. Add phrases or sentences to each letter to develop your poem.  Try the acrostic poem helper below if you need some help.

How to Write an Acrostic Poem

Great EASY Acrostic Poem Creator

* Each line should be a phrase or sentence!

Acrostic poems seem easy at first, but looks can be deceiving. You must really take your time and choose powerful words. Avoid overused words (dead words) like nicebad, or awesome . Instead, try for strong words like breathtakinghorrific, or glorious.

Capture the heart of your topic!

Post your acrostic in the comments. Table points if everyone at your table posts by NEXT ENGLISH CLASS.

Here’s an example:

Catherine, Called Birdy

A knight’s daughter

Trapped like a bird in a gilded cage

Her fate sealed

Expectations thrust upon her

Rebelling against them

In time realization dawns

New understanding comes at last

Eventually learning to free her mind

9 thoughts on “Poetry – How to Write an Acrostic Poem

  1. Crushing people through the lands
    Ripping lims and breaking hands
    Used to be the pride and glory
    Somehow it just became a story
    A legion of people went out to fight
    Died in battle, believed it was right
    Every man has heard the tale
    Some are fake and some are real

  2. CCB

    Perkin, the goat boy.

Extra wise and smart.

Really wants to become a scholar.

Kind to Catherine. 

    Is disabled for life. 

    Never gives up.

  3. Feudalism in Middle Ages

    Four basic layers that balance the pyramid
    Each layers have their own social roles
    Until the Black Death came along,
    Daily Life was different for all of them
    A serf would grow crops, pay taxes
    Lending land to the serfs, Knight comes along
    Icy cold hearted, they slay all the enemies
    Saddles, Swords, and armors are all their’s
    Mostly payed by their dear lords.

    In the gigantic castle of stone,
    Noble lives peacefully with feasts

    Most of the time they work for the King.
    In the castle with jewels and golds,
    Dear my lord, the King lives.
    Destiny to them is like bright as light
    Like other kings do, they get the taxes, and lend lands to the nobles.
    Each Noble needs to promise their loyalty to the King

    All of the layers did their job, until Black Death came along
    Getting weaker as people died,
    Each day the Feudalism was getting destroyed
    Some years passed, and Feudalism was not able to stand, and finally collapsed.

  4. Sending us on far away journeys
    Teaching lessons in a creative way
    Opening our minds to new ideas
    Raising our spirits with every word
    Identifying what is wrong with the world
    Explaining the unexplainable
    Special experiences that we will never forget

  5. table 3

    Surfing in the heat
    Under the warm sun
    Mango trees blowing in the breeze
    My heart beats as I swim out
    Eager to catch a wave, now
    Relaxing after my surf

  6. Marina
    English D
    Table 5

    Gentle sound echoing
    Unbelievable quality
    Impromptu playing
    Tuned to perfection
    Accompanied by a voice
    Rhythm flowing

  7. table 4

    S ewing, gardening, farming all day
    E ven some tend animals, and get them some hay
    R unning away is a bad choice to make
    F or if thry are caught
    S erfs are brought back to work even harder, all day

  8. Chiedu
    english D
    table 2

    Using his surroundings

  9. Tomisin
    English 2
    Table 1

    M orwenna, the nanny
    O f the manor, takes care of Catherine
    R ages at Catherine when she does silly things and she
    W acks her with a spoon, sometimes
    E ven with her hands!
    N ever left the manor
    N ot your typical type of nanny
    A mazing at spell casting

    T he
    E nd!!!!!!!!

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