Social Structure Journal Prompt

7th grade Social Structure imageYou have shown and explained feudalism in your pyramid and paragraph. If feudalism can be represented in a pyramid, what does the social structure of the 7th grade student body look like? Think in terms of groups, not individuals. Explain why you placed each group where you did. Explain where you fit in.

– Show and Tell for Feudalism

– Show and Tell for 7th grade
– Where do you fit in?

What does the structure look like? What shape can you use to show it? Ok, now draw it and clearly label it.

Now explain it in words. Write a descriptive paragraph explaining how it works.

Due: Next S.S. class (you’ll have to finish it on your own if you don’t finish in class)

One thought on “Social Structure Journal Prompt

  1. Antonia Duncan
    English D
    Table 1

    faithful, loving
    serene, playful, purring
    affectionate, loyal best friend

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