Vocabulary #19 – Strength and Defense











Vocabulary work is due the day of the quiz

Look for VIRL – share in class by the quiz date

(must be from books you are currently reading)


Wednesday – Eng.2 (F block)

Thursday – Eng. 1 (D block)

25 thoughts on “Vocabulary #19 – Strength and Defense


    On page 54 of Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull, I found the word resistant…

    “The potion is designed to make the user fire resistant.

  2. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: buttress

    Book: Eragon

    Sentence: “Those buttresses would pretty much conceal an attacker from view,” Will replied.

  3. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: buttress

    Book: The Lost Stories

    Sentence/Pg: The table set between the buttresses had been reserved for Gundar Hardstriker’s crew of sea wolves.

    Correction: The VIRL I posted before was actually also from the Lost Stories, not Eragon.

  4. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: quell

    Book: Eragon

    Sentence/Pg: He saw Brom carry the saddle to Saphira and tried to quell his uneasiness. Pg. 974

  5. VIRL for Messup
    The Lightning Thief
    Word: Resistant
    I resisted the urge to say, “Yes, you are.”

  6. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: defense

    Book: The Lost Stories

    Sentence: He also noted that, although she had the ax in her other hand, she made no movement to defend herself with it, nor to threaten him.

  7. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word : Resistant

    Book : Pretties

    Sentence: She pulled the heat resistant glovesfrom her pocket, and handed a pair to Zane

  8. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word : Resistant

    Book : Pretties

    Sentence: She pulled on her heat resistant gloves, sliding the left one underneath the interface cuff, pulling it up past her elbow and almost to her armpit.

  9. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: defensive

    Book: The Lost Stories

    Sentence: The escort barely had time to form into a defensive line before the three bandits were upon them.

  10. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word: defender

    Book: The Lost Stories

    Sentence: Another defender wheeled away, dropping his sword and clutching at his wounded upper arm, trying to stop the sudden flow of blood from a sword thrust.

  11. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word : Resistant

    Book : Pretties

    Sentence: He pulled off the heat-resistant gloves and tossed them overboard. “It worked!” he said, and swept Tally into a hug.

  12. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word : Resistant

    Book : Pretties

    Sentence: Tally could feel the burner’s ridges through the heat-resistant fabric, her fingertips sensing a few stray bumps where it had been welded together.

  13. VIRL The Disturbians

    Word : Resistant

    Book : Pretties

    Sentence: It seemed bigger, but maybe the heat-resistant glove was thicker than she’d thought, making up the difference.

  14. VIRL- Flying rainbow sheep
    Word: Buttress
    Book: Frost wolf
    Sentence: “And you see these roots? They’re called buttress roots”
    Page: 144


  15. VIRL- Disturbian
    Word: Resistant
    Book: Mockingjay
    Sentence: The ink is indelible until 22:00—Bathing . That’s when whatever keeps it water resistant breaks down and the whole schedule rinses away.

  16. VIRL- Disturbian
    Word: Durable
    Book: Mockingjay
    Sentence: But thinking that he’s being tortured specifically to incapacitate me is unendurable.

  17. VIRL- Disturbian
    Word: Potent
    Book: Mockingjay
    Sentence: But the multicolored bruises flowering under her green skin only remind me how impotent I am.

  18. VIRL- Disturbian
    Word: Fortify
    Book: Mockingjay
    Sentence: Fortifying supply lines, seeing to the wounded, reorganizing their troops. The Capitol, like 13 during the Dark Days, finds itself completely cut off from outside help as it holds the threat of nuclear attack over its enemies. Unlike 13, the Capitol is not in a position to reinvent itself and become self-sufficient.

  19. VIRL- Disturbian
    Word: Quell
    Book: Mockingjay
    Sentence: This doesn’t help. Johanna can swim. At least, I seem to remember her swimming around some in the Quarter Quell. Not like Finnick, of course, but none of us are like Finnick. “So?”

  20. Henri Wang, Bubbly Sheep of Darkness

    The 39 Clues, Book One, The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

    Page 18, paragraph 11, word 2, “potential.”

    “Each of you has the potential to succeed.”

  21. For Frank:
    Table Group: Roly-Poly
    Back cover of At The Crossing Places
    In a violent world of conflict and injustice, the young Arthur – like the King before him- must defend himself with courage, compassion, and valor … the traits that will take him to his destiny.

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