How Roman Are We?

We are beginning a research project where you will research one part of Rome and compare it to something similar in today’s world.

Your first task will be to select a topic to research. Each student will chose a unique topic. Here are some possibilities.You may chose others, with Mr. Cole’s approval.

Possible Topics list

You should first do some pre-research to find out how much information is out there on your possible topic. While doing your pre-research, make sure your possible topic is interesting to you, and that there is plenty of sources of information to learn from.

Start HERE -BBC History

Then go HERE – World Book Online (isaaberdeen – worldbook)

Don’t just Google a topic and hope to get good, reliable information. You must come up with 3 subtopics, and have information about them, before your topic is approved.

Fill out this sheet first: Rome Compare and Contrast topic selection sheet

Here is an example: Rome Compare and Contrast topic selection sheet – with example thesis and sub topics

Here are the topics chosen by students. Have your topic in mind and start to search for information on your topic. After the break you’ll need to have a focussed thesis and three clearly defined sub-topics to focus on.

Rome topics SS2Rome Topics SS1

Create a MIND MAP of your research topic.

Try these:

Inspiration (on the school computers)


Exam Time

Think Buzan

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