The Roman Mysteries

thieves of ostiathe-secrets-of-vesuvius


Part I – you need to read to the end of Part I by the following dates. Also do the first three pages of work in your packet.

  • Thieves of Ostia = chapters/scrolls I – VII
  • The Secrets of Vesuvius = chapter/scrolls I – XII

Due Dates

Tuesday (Day 1/D block)

Wednesday (Day 2/F block)

We will begin our new class novel this week. We will break the novel into thirds, with due-dates to be finished reading by. Students will be put in groups of 3 or 4 and will work through novel study elements together as they make sense of, and discuss, the book.

This will be great background information about ancient Rome, plus another valuable study of novels for English. Students will get AR points for reading the book, so it will count towards their reading grade. There will also be a quiz at the end of the novel that will count as an English grade. In addition, I will create a Vocab. quiz based on words from the novel identified by students as worthy of study.

I’m giving groups a choice of reading one of two books from the same series, “The Roman Mysteries.”

–          The Thieves of Ostia (book level 5.2, 6 AR points) – the first in the series


–          The Secrets of Vesuvius (book level 5.0, 6 AR points) – the 2nd in the series

I will read aloud the first chapter of each book to the class and let students discuss which book they’d like to read.

Here is the author’s website, complete with many great extension and supplementary activities and supports.

I’ve attached the novel study packet with the activities they’ll need to work on independently and in their groups. Some students may need some support and help with this.

Novel Study packet – grade 7

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