Vocabulary #24 – The Roots -flect- and -flu-











***Here is a link that you can use to ‘hear’ the pronunciation of each of this week’s vocabulary words. It also includes sample sentences, synonyms, related words and derivations.

Vocabulary Work Due Dates and Quiz Dates:

Thursday for English Day 1 (D block) – QUIZ MONDAY

Friday for English Day 2 (F block) – QUIZ TUESDAY

18 thoughts on “Vocabulary #24 – The Roots -flect- and -flu-

  1. I found the vocabulary word, Reflex, in the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini.
    The word was on pg. 9, and the sentence was; Eragon was one of those few-not through any particular gift, it seemed to him, but because persistent vigilance and sharp reflexes.

    Period 3 group: Roly-Poly

  2. Wikipedia.com


    The borders of the Roman Empire, which fluctuated throughout the empire’s history, were a combination of natural frontiers (the Rhine and Danube rivers to the north and east, the Atlantic to the West, and deserts to the South) and man-made fortifications which separated the lands of the empire from the “barbarian” lands beyond.


  3. I found the word affluent on page 42 of my CFL2 textbook the sentence was: “There are units containing better facilities for more affluent people”

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