Personal Myth – what you need to know

Your published personal myth is due at the end of your English class on Monday for Day 2 students and Tuesday for Day 1 students. You may use class time to make final edits, print, and put together all of your documents that show evidence of your writing process. Use the rubrics to help you in your final revisions, and be prepared to present your digital myth to the class using Story Creator. Even if you can’t use the record function, you will read your myth to the class and be scored on the same rubric. Everyone should be prepared to present their myth in class on Monday and Tuesday.

*Story Creator problems – I am aware that many students have had difficulty with saving their work on Story Creator. I am in contact with the website’s IT department and they are working on fixing this. In the meantime, students should try to save their work in small batches (make a change and save it). Some students have had luck reducing the number or frames (or pages) per chapter. Others have had success reducing the number of images/animations per frame.

*Keep it all in perspective! I want you to feel confident that the myth you turn in is your best work. If you’ve had problems, just let me know and I’ll give you the time you need to finish with no penalty. Don’t stay up late trying to re-create work. Do your best, communicate your problems to me, take a screen shot and send it to me if something strange happens (I’ll forward to the IT department).

*If your Digital Myth is not complete because of problems, then I’ll have you read your written myth in class and that will count for your presentation grade. Be adaptable, it’s a great skill to develop.

Personal Myth Rubric – writing and presentation

Personal Myth – digital rubric

You need to publish your myth by printing a final copy. This is how it should look. Use an easy to read font, like Times New Roman, Cambria, or Calibri. Font size should be 12. You can print at school on the day it’s due.


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