Vocabulary #4 – Enthusiasm and Indifference











Post your VIRL comments by Friday for table points (or bookmark and share in class)

HOMEWORK packets are due Friday 10/5 (Day 2) and Monday 10/8 (Day 1)
QUIZ will be Tuesday (Day2) and Wednesday 10/10 (Day 1)


16 thoughts on “Vocabulary #4 – Enthusiasm and Indifference

  1. VIRL

    Then he cast wider, seeing the other set of footprints moving into position behind her as she had knelt, engrossed in the task of resetting the snare and probably jubilant at the fact that they had caught something.

    Ranger’s Apprentice: The Battle for Skandia
    page 26

    word: Jubilant

    LARS period 3

  2. Rachel Yan


    Book: Ranger’s Apprentice: The Battle for Skandia

    Pg. 168

    Sentence: Then a mighty roar of triumph and jubilation swept through them, at first wordless, and inchoate, but rapidly settling into a rhythmic chant of one word from one hundred throats: “Free-dom! Free-dom! Free-dom!”

  3. In Lena Zhou’s (humanities 3rd period) Cinquian poem on swimming she describes Swimming as a zealous sport also exhilarating zealous meaning highly motivating and exhilarating meaning exciting and happiness

  4. Im reading a book called “a dog’s purpose” and found this sentence with a vocab word in it 🙂 – ‘He didn’t speak much to any of us, radiating a bland INDIFFERENCE so at odds with the kindness of the men tending the dogs in the yard.’

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