Renaissance Narrative

Hello patrons, artists, merchants, and apprentices! It’s time for an adventure, one that you will pen in first person as you write from the perspective of someone from the Renaissance.

Renaissance pic

YOUR TASK: Write a short first-person account of daily life for a person living in the Renaissance. You should make up a name, develop a voice, and describe your life as a person living during the Renaissance. Feel free to give yourself a family and describe them as well. Most importantly, please have fun with this writing assignment.

Don’t forget to go through the stages of the writing process so your writing will be of top quality! Use all the resources available to you – WriteSource, text-to-speech, teacher feedback, etc.

To be successful you need to remember all the narrative techniques we used previously in our personal narratives. Don’t forget to show instead of tell, use sensory details, incorporate meaningful dialogue, hook your reader at the beginning, and end in a good spot.

Our trusty Six Traits Rubric will be used to assess this piece for IdeasVoice, and Conventions. Publish your story to your blog by the end of your class period Thursday, May 31.

Use the resources below to help you come up with some  ideas and provide you with necessary details.

Focus on Florence

Women in the Renaissance

Children in the Renaissance

Family life during the Renaissance

Renaissance life

The rise of the merchant classes- the Medici family

The new middle class

Exploration and trade

Italian Renaissance

Trade and commerce

Dawn of a new idea

An Artist’s Life

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