Everyday life in the Renaissance – questions

Watch the video, take notes, then answer the following questions.

Everyday Life in the Renaissance

Follow up questions

Making Connections: This assignment will be a bit different. Fewer questions, but much more depth. I want you to take notes and work on the questions. You may discuss the questions afterword, get clarification, then work on your responses. I’m looking for high-quality answers that are well thought-out, insightful, and full of connections to life today.

1.  During the Renaissance, sumptuary laws were passed to create an obvious distinction between social classes.  How are social classes indicated in contemporary society?  How can you tell what class a person comes from today?

2.  Compare and Contrast the wants and needs of contemporary people (today) with the wants and needs of people living during the Renaissance.

3.  During the Renaissance, European cities grew larger and faster than ever before.  How do highly populated and fast growing cities impact the environment?  What effects do highly populated cities have on the people living in them?

4.  What were some of the advantages and disadvantages of life during the Renaissance?  How might it have been better than contemporary life?  How might it have been worse?

Homework – Due Friday 5/24/12

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