“Renaissance Art, Music, and Literature” Video Questions

Copy these questions into a Word/Pages document. As you watch the movie, take quick little notes for each. After the movie, you’ll have time to form full answers.


1. Name some of the important artists and writers of the Renaissance.

2. What contributed to Renaissance painting being different from the painting of previous periods?

3. What were some of the causes of the artistic boom during the Renaissance?

4. What is the relationship between anatomy, painting and sculpture?

5. Why was the concept of making things look real important to Renaissance artists?

6. How did artists create fresco?

7. Why was Machiavelli nicknamed “Old Nick”?

8. What was the role of the patron during the Renaissance?

9. Describe what it might have been like to have been a commoner attending the Globe Theatre.

10. What made Shakespeare’s plays so popular?

11. What were some of the hardships that Renaissance artists faced?

12. What literary form was used to compose madrigals?

13. What were patrons trying to achieve by commissioning artists?

Homework – answer all questions by re-stating the questions in your answers. Be ready for a table point question challenge tomorrow! (know the answers and be able to explain in detail)

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