9 thoughts on “Vocabulary #15 – Cooperation

  1. Lena Zhou
    Gabba Gabba Hey
    Word: uniform
    Book: The Last Song
    Page Number: 55
    Sentence: Will stood in the well beneath the Ford Explorer in his uniform, watching the oil
    drain while simultaneously doing his best to ignore Scott, something easier said than done.

  2. Lena Zhou
    Gabba Gabba Hey
    Word: harmonious, interacted
    Book: The Great Thoughts of Lena
    Page Number: 4,544,889,178
    Sentence: The monkeys and baboons interacted harmoniously for thousands of years before one of the baboons stabbed a monkey with a stick.

  3. Evelyn Zhang
    Per 3
    Disturbains v. 2.0
    word: harmonious
    sentence: Often found in nature in the shape of a leaf or the spiral of a shell, the golden mean is thought to add harmonious composition to buildings and other structures.

  4. Word: Unanimous
    Book: Brisingr
    Page: 498
    Sentence: Returning to the table, Lorunn said, ” The readers-of-law are unanimous.

    Period 3: Flying Penguins

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