What is good poetry?

I asked both classes this question. Silently students had to write a response on a sticky note and post it to a poster paper, grouping similar responses together. Make sure all your poems selected for the  poetry portfolio are GOOD! Below is what students said GOOD poetry is:

  • DEEP
  • Good poetry comes from the SOUL
  • A poem that has hints and you have to dig deep to understand it
  • Good poetry makes you wonder
  • Makes others feel what you feel
  • Makes you change dramatically in one, or numerous, ways
  • Can convey an image or emotion through words
  • Good peotry is something that comes from inside you
  • Allows people to show emotion and deeper thought in a condensed state
  • Fun and explorative
  • From the heart
  • Conveys strong ideas. A way to express strong feelings in just a few words.
  • Good poetry should be like a work of art
  • Has deep/dark hidden meaning
  • Delivers emotion
  • Good poetry makes you think and feel the poem, as if you are in it
  • The simplest words to portray the deepest meanings
  • Good poetry should leave people feeling TOUCHED
  • Uses metaphors
  • Strikes the heart of the reader
  • Is able to paint an image in the reader’s mind
  • A poem that is personal

Wow! I’m moved beyond words. These are your words! Now make sure all of your poems are GOOD!

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