Poetry – How to Write a Free Verse Poem

poetryThere are no rules when writing a free verse.

Q. What’s the rhyme scheme? Whatever you want! Or none at all!

Q. What’s the rhythm?  Whatever you want, but it should have rhythm.

Q. How many syllables in each line? As many as you want!

Q. How many lines should it have? As many as you want (as long as you want at least five)!

None of that matters. It’s all about expressing your thoughts and feelings using strong words and sensory language.

Here is an example. The poet takes an ordinary event and makes you think what she is thinking, feel what she is feeling.

While it sounds easy, be careful. It’s not. You really have to work hard to find that perfect words. Since there are no rules, there are no excuses for not doing it just right.

HOMEWORK – Write a Free Verse poem and post it to COMMENTS – Due Thurs.

32 thoughts on “Poetry – How to Write a Free Verse Poem

  1. The colors of rainbows all stuffed in packages
    It attracts and pulls all eyes in its course
    The sweetness explodes in the first of a bite
    All who loathe it does not have a properly formed brain
    The contentment can drive people insane
    The colors of rainbows all put in a package
    Ready to brighten up everyone’s day


  2. White Fire

    The peak of flame
    The colour of heaven
    Deception of pain
    A field of roses
    Every step of agony
    Gives a whiff of paradise
    Like a devil with white wings
    With a human body
    His crimson eyes
    Piercing through your soul
    Incinerating all hope
    Yet lures you
    His white wings
    A veneer
    Crack through
    The stereotype of
    White wings and
    Grasp the flickers of truth
    Seeping out of the
    And gaze up to the sky
    Past the streaking smears
    Of shooting stars
    And the
    Wonders of the universe
    Then perhaps
    You will see the
    Red-winged image
    Of truth

    *…..That was extremely hard……it still doesn’t sound right…

  3. Confusion

    You are stuck,
    You cannot move.
    Heaven knows what binds you rigid.
    You cannot see,
    You cannot hear.
    Invisible snares imprison you.
    You cannot smell,
    You cannot twitch.
    Every effort drags you deeper into abyss.
    You cannot feel,
    You cannot cry.
    Darkness forbids you from perceiving afar.
    You cannot scream,
    You cannot understand.
    Is this night or day, even that is unclear.

  4. Alone

    Tracks of fading twilight,
    And stars sit on the sky,
    With cold children looking up,
    Trying not to cry.

    Walking slowly,
    Dragging heavy freedom along,
    I’ve never been lonelier,
    Not knowing where I belong.

  5. I run on and on,
    but there’s no way out of this dark tunnel.
    Darkness was everywhere,
    and I couldn’t see where I was going.
    The walls are tinged with red,
    and the more I run on, the darker, the bloodier.
    Sometimes I could see a glimmer of light,
    but then it was gone.
    The darkness engulfs me, and I fall.
    I give up running out of the endless tunnel.
    And I knew, that whoever else runs through the tunnel,
    they will see a new tinge in red…

  6. FLY

    I’ve always wanted to fly
    Soar, like a hawk
    Glide, like an eagle
    Fly high in the sky.
    But now, I hang by a rope
    As my heart explodes
    And my stomach flies out of my mouth
    I hang by a rope
    My only hope of comfort
    And I know
    That I’ll never be a bird.
    I’ll never
    Soar, like a hawk
    Glide, like an eagle
    Fly high in the sky.

  7. I sit there waiting for you to show up
    I think about you every day of my life
    When will you arrive again in my life
    I sit there waiting to see your face again

    I have almost forgotten about your face
    I cannot picture your face anymore
    I want to see your face just once more
    Your face is all I need to move on

  8. Lena Zhou
    Gabba Gabba Hey

    As I hurtle down the side of the building,
    Wind blows into my face, hurting my eyes.
    My heart pounds, threatening to jump out of my throat.
    My lunch threatens to fall out and splat on the pavement.
    I fall, and fall, and fall, and fall, and fall, and fall.
    Then, all of a sudden,
    I bounce
    Then down,
    Then up

  9. I wish I could go back in time
    To live my life again
    I wish to do the things I never did
    To overcome all fears
    To say the things I never said
    To relive all the times when I was
    Too afraid
    To relive all the glorious moments when I was
    Full of joy
    But I cannot
    I can not go back in time
    And fix all my mistakes
    I can not relive my life
    To say the things I never said
    Now all hope is gone
    It’s too late
    All is dark
    It’s time to let go

  10. The Blank Piece of Paper

    I am given a piece of paper
    Imagination flows through my mind like
    A rocket that flies non-stop through space
    A thousand angles float around my shoulders
    Telling my what to bring to life

    The paper is like a roller coaster
    You get into it; you will be among the stars
    As you draw, you fall into a hole
    And it takes ages to climb back out
    Drawing is something nobody can live without

  11. Church in the Middle Ages

    Attracting followers from around the country
    Finally giving them something to believe in
    The promise of bliss after death is tempting
    While the threat of hell is always looming
    The most powerful group in all of England
    Getting money from all, extravagant or poor
    Until they are even richer than kings
    And influencing the entire kingdom

  12. Fear (revised)

    Fear is a disgusting, grotesque creature
    Revolting and twisted
    Constantly catching us in its grimy grip
    Never releasing its rigid hold

    In a deep, inky place, full of horror and depression,
    We tiptoe silently around gloomy corners
    In the depths of a endless, starless night
    We can hear ourselves shrieking in a nightmarish dream.
    When there’s no one you can fall back on, count on,
    Even the bravest sob and squeal like cowards

    They all gather around you
    None with the slightest hint of consideration
    Laughing at your cowardice and failure
    And you turn in shame, your face a feverish red

    Whether it’s burning in hell,
    Or the malignant black plague
    Or passing away with no one to mourn you
    Fear affects everyone, no matter who you are

    Few are courageous enough
    To overcome their fears
    But barely any people realize that fear
    Is the only thing that keeps you safe, secure

    Fear is our angelic savior
    That grants us the gift of caution
    But also our tormenter
    That always causes suffering

  13. White flakes fell from the sky
    As they drifted they froze my ears
    Clear liquid fell from the sky
    As it poured it blinded my eyes
    Ice stones fell from the sky
    As they fell upon and broke my nose

  14. When the horizon is dark and sprinkled with gems
    Birds fly, the sun shines, and ocean waves play
    Against the blue skies the clouds swim through
    My heart leaps, my eyes sparkle, and I smile
    Like I’ve never smiled before

    I have all the love in the world
    And nothing goes wrong
    The rain is crisp and clear
    And the rain puddles are plenty

    The sun rises, above it brightens
    Through all that I have seen, the night ends

    And a new, dreamless day begins

  15. A plastering wind,
    A tendril of fear,
    An icicle dangling precariously,
    Alone it falls,
    Into the snowdrift,
    Sinking deeply and swiftly out of thought,
    Only rembered by his kin,
    Tingling in the wind,
    As dawn breaks on the morning sky,
    The icicles drip,
    Forlorn and grieved,
    But inevitably more will fall again.

  16. The Unpredictable Future

    I wonder what will happen in the future,
    I always have dreams of the positive,
    But I hypothesize for the worst,
    For I am not an optimist.

    I wonder what will happen in the future,
    For it is unpredictable,
    My friends expect one, but I expect another,
    It is really unusual, what one expects.

    It could be a car, a computer,
    A dream, anything that is possible.
    We all love to act like we know everything,
    But no one has a clue of what will happen.

    I wonder what will happen in the future,
    No one knows, it can surprise you, or upset you.
    I find it an interesting thing.
    It’s like finding new opportunities to plan your life.
    But it only never goes that well.

    Once upon a time, I planned a bunch of stuff to make everything go well,
    But people just acted like it was normal.
    Not everything can be planned perfectly,
    But nothing can’t be not planned.

    Now I understand why our universe isn’t perfect;
    If it were perfect, we would spend our lives planning,
    And still die while planning.
    This world is unpredictable and imperfect, but I like it that way.

    I wonder what will happen in the future,
    But I just follow the stream,
    There is no point in predicting, since there are millions of possibilities.
    This word is imperfect and I like it.

    I think about my past,
    And the deeds I’ve done.
    I throw them behind,
    Because the point is to live the present.

    I wonder about the future,
    About how we will live without oil,
    I wonder if they ever though of ethanol.
    I wonder, wonder, and wonder.

    I wonder about my future life,
    Will I get married?
    Or will I die of cancer?
    I hope I won’t.

    I wonder about what will happen in the future,
    For it is unpredictable.
    I wonder why?
    I will never understand the future like this.

  17. Cold Heart

    I remember, i won’t forget
    The fatal blow dealt just as i was leaving
    The pang of regret
    Trying to resurface, gasping for air

    Breaking through the ice
    Eddies tugging at my frozen form
    I wish I’d thought twice
    Backstabbed and cast on the floor

    Bleeding at the heart
    Every feeling i feebly grasp at turn to dust
    We were wrenched apart
    Grappling with cold stone gates

    Unyielding door
    A final path to numbness and safety
    One step more
    Back in the frigid water, never ending

  18. Our Earth

    It is as if all the leaves fell off from the tree
    The branches crumbling
    pieces falling apart
    We need to give energy to the tree
    But a BMW hybrid right next to it
    No one is looking at the dying tree
    We need to take care of the tree
    the tree is our plant, Our Earth

  19. The Desert

    The fiery heat surrounding your body
    A few seconds it will penetrate your soul
    Succumbing you into a world of fury and madness
    Only cool water can cure you know

    Now in fatigue you search desperately
    Yet none is found in this barren land
    Now you pray knowing you only have a few moments left
    And will die without companionship or comfort

    No words can escape your mouth
    For you are to parched to talk
    A crumbled heap is all that is left of you
    A lifeless body, a lifeless soul

  20. This is my poem 2.0

    The pointer had just striked twelve
    I sat there right by the door
    Hoping that you would come back
    Because a part of me is now gone
    After another shot of whiskey
    I still can’t get you out of my mind
    Looking out the window but all I can see is you
    If love was the ocean
    Then to me, you’re the universe
    Because when you walked out of this room
    My whole world came tumbling down
    The pieces of my heart shattered
    Now that I am alone
    I’m counting every step that you took
    Hugging the pillow you slept on
    Which is now covered in tears
    Without you, every minute feels like an hour
    Because I would give up everything
    Just for you, shawty, to be by my side

    (P.S There was a typo in the previous one)

  21. The Sun rises and falls
    Just as Empires have, so long ago
    The cities fall due to just one blow
    A cat and mice, in a life long battle
    The church promised safety and peace
    But sometime promises can’t be kept
    Just a single decision, a city falls
    Who is to blame?
    Of course, it’s not the church

  22. I creep to the edge of the building
    No one is there with me
    No handles in sight
    I look down, but all i see is darkness
    I hear whispers all around me
    But I don’t see any faces
    Footsteps coming closer and closer
    Louder and Louder,
    as they appear

    I feel breathing on my neck,
    and all of a sudden
    I’m in midair

    Twisting and turning.
    Hoping that I won’t hit the ground
    A few feet away,
    I can feel death creeping closer.

    Then I sit up screaming and yelling.
    But I’m home in my room.
    It was just a dream.

  23. Life

    I wake up in the middle of the night
    Cold seat trickling down my spine
    My dream still vivid in my mind
    I try to remember what I dreamt
    I see a newly hatched bird
    Flapping franticly, trying to stay aloft
    Turned towards to a cutter of twigs
    It started to fall, but with a final flay
    He gets to his destination
    I realize this and reflect
    It’s like life, keep trying and you will succeed

  24. Religion

    Religion is a tool, of fear and belief
    It’ll drive people to their limits
    It can make people believe
    Nights are days and days are nights
    It will threaten, and take the life
    It will attract people
    It affects anyone, you or me
    Valorous knights and serfs
    Richest lords and kings
    But religion is your comfort
    It will give you relief and relaxation

  25. EQ #3

    The evil spirits will harm you, they say,
    You confess your sin, to the trusted holy priests,
    Holding their hands together, they pray,
    But this matter has become like a grape vine,
    Twisted, tangled, and finally broken apart.
    Sparkling colored glass windows decorate the hall,
    The church is gracefully looking down at the village all above,
    It is a dark history of the religion, with this evil, nasty plan for all
    To earn more money and be wealthy, they have came up with this.
    A man named Bob sneaks quietly in.
    He has recently done a huge crime,
    Finally he opens his mouth and starts to confess,
    I see water of regret rolling down his cheek.
    The holy great priest walks down the hall,
    Finds him sitting alone in the bench, waiting for him.
    The priest smiles and asks what happen,
    And this is the first step of the great huge crime.
    The priest asks bob for a little bit of a tip,
    Bob runs out, works day and night to earn them all.
    He finally comes back with a jubilant smile,
    Hands the priest, with a pride, a bag of tips.
    Nothing actually happened to the poor guy bob,
    But the priest kept requesting more and more.
    Here and there, they all work hard for the pay,
    Actually they just need a heart touching pray.
    One king stood against the popes, bishops, and also god,
    But it turned out the other way, not how he expected.
    Obstacles to them was easy to knock as eating a pie.
    More people stood up, until the guy named Martin Luther came.
    From a piece of paper, word to word, the crime has all been told,
    The truth were astonishing the others who were trusting deeply to them.
    The impacts were strong and dangerous to the country,
    Outrageous move to the new religion of the Middle Ages begun
    The big tree has been separated into different branches,
    The beliefs and understandings changed for all.

  26. Fear

    Fear was a scary piece of weapon during the middle ages
    If you demanded to abandon the church, you would be in cages
    The church used fear as a weapon, and attracted a lot of innocent people
    The people gave the church some money for their sins, feeling hopeful
    But the church had a dark side, used the money to build taller churches and their own glory
    The church showed no mercy, they were the demons and the people were just innocent.
    They were the people who abandoned God’s words, for their own glory and prize
    They scared the innocents, and took their prizes and made it look like they did everything
    Fear has affected everyone, and it caused all these things.

  27. The Paper (Blank)

    The blank piece of paper mocks me
    It stares at me with empty eyes,
    daring me to write something
    While I stare back,
    empty and out of words
    The its in my hands,
    crumpled into a little ball
    Flying farther and farther away
    It lands in a puddle of gutter water
    slowly soaking up the edges
    Tainting it with it’s filth
    But at least it isn’t blank anymore.


  28. The Star’s Memories

    Nothing brings back more memories than stars
    Billions and trillions of sparkling eyes
    And through every star, a window opens
    To the past, the present, the future
    And I just lie here, in the prickly grass, reminiscing

    That day when I left in a burst of fury
    Thinking of all the unfair
    And now as the stars stare back as me
    Nothing but remorse stops the tears
    And I just lie here, in the prickly grass, reminiscing

    I had left without a word that day
    Leaving no note, no sign I’d ever been there
    And now all I see are the tears father shed
    When they found my body in the river, stone cold
    And I just lie here, in the prickly grass, reminiscing

    But now as I peer through the stars
    They align to create what I miss most
    The feeling of family, of hope, of love
    And the fact that I let it all go on a foolish whim
    And all I can do is lie here, in the prickly grass
    Holding onto that feeling until it fades with the stars

    For even the brightest lights will burn out eventually

  29. Lonely

    I was in the dark and gloomy room
    I couldn’t get out of it
    It was freezing and frosty
    I only could feel my rough skin
    It was so strenuous to get out
    Until they helped me

  30. Flying

    My hair swishes
    My eyes wide open
    Nothing comes close to this sensation
    My clothes flapping
    My heart pumping
    Nothing comes close to flying

  31. Art

    It is wintertime,
    yet the flowers never wilt;
    The wind blows,
    but the tree stands tall and still;
    The sun never sets.
    Night never falls.
    The blue blanket is eternal.

    The happiness angels dawn on everyone’s faces.
    The boy can fly in the air like a bird;
    The girl holds her kiss forever;
    Yet everything is still.

    My brother cannot fly; he crashes down.
    The rainbow is in the sky, but fades before I can capture the colors..
    just a bit of blue and a bit of purple.
    The cold demon has arrived and the pink jewels on the trees have vanished.
    Wind blows me off my feet.
    The sky is a beautiful color of orange and purple;
    but it disappears as quickly as the fading rainbow.
    The sky settles over us like a dark blanket.
    It is hard to get the beautiful blue,
    the flying boy,
    and the rainbow.

    But that world does exist…
    I can add a few more colors of the rainbow every day.
    The sky da

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