Poetry – How to write a Quatrain

A quatrain is a stanza with four lines and a rhyme scheme.

The rhyme scheme can have many variations. While a quatrain is only one verse, a quatrain poem can contain any number of quatrains.

Wikihow has the following great set of steps to help you write your quatrain.king


1. Read examples of quatrains:

Try these sites: West Allis Public LibraryInstructables (scroll down to hippopotamus poem), or  Bedford Schools.

2. Choose a subject for your poem.

3. Choose a rhyme scheme. Common rhyme schemes for a quatrain are: ABAB, ABCD.

An example of ABAB rhyme scheme would be:

A:   Ol’ King Cole rules the the 7th grade hall

B:   The kids hide and tremble in fear

A:   He bellows, shouts and chides them all

B:   When they’re tardy or talking at DEAR

4. Start writing. Use this link for a rhyming dictionary to help if you get stuck on rhymes.

  • The first line is the base of your poem because they don’t have to rhyme with anything yet. Start with this.
  • Brain storm a list of words that rhyme with the last word of the line you’ve written, but try to find ones that can be related to your topic.
  • The first line is always called “A” so check the rhyme scheme you’ve chosen and see where the line that rhymes with A (also called A) fits into your poem.

5. Read your stanza aloud to check it flows naturally. At this point you may need to change the amount of syllables in each line or choose different words in order to have the best possible quatrain.


65 thoughts on “Poetry – How to write a Quatrain

  1. Ew, vegetables :
    French fries rule you all.
    Spinach and lettuce make me throw up,
    and perhaps during dinner, I shall.

  2. Lena Zhou
    Gabba Gabba Hey


    The scent of pencils and erasers fill the hallway
    “JB ♥ RZ” is scratched onto the surface of a desk
    This is the middle school, a gateway
    A gateway to a new field of opportunities.

  3. I’m so tired and sleepy
    I can’t do anything because I am exhausted
    But I don’t want to doze during the class because it is creepy
    I want to sleep on my cozy bed.

  4. Lena Zhou
    Gabba Gabba Hey

    Crêpe Making

    I pour the batter into the frying pan,
    made of flour, eggs, and butter.
    Another great ingredient is pecan,
    but as soon as I drop it in the crêpe starts to splutter.

  5. Mother

    The silence of being alone
    of doing nothing all day but cry and moan
    the only comfort that can cure you from pain
    is your mother’s warmth that sucks your suffering out like a drain

  6. A drop of water falls from the clouds,
    The once blue sky is now gray,
    The city is covered in a smoky shroud,
    The color of it making people pray

  7. I was walking down the street
    Walking along feeling lazy and obnoxious
    I sprint along as the cement touches my feet
    As I unpleasantly walk, I notice people watching me, I was conspicuous.

  8. I had the worst dentist experience today,
    She drilled the nerves out my brain
    When I came back on the way,
    I was still frightened by the pain.

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