Vocabulary #17 – Movement and Change











Homework – all sections due on Thursday (VIRL to the comments in this post for table points)

Friday – Vocabulary Quiz

Friday – Comma Quiz re-take for those who want/need it

7 thoughts on “Vocabulary #17 – Movement and Change

  1. VIRL for Messup
    The Last Olympian page 72
    Leneus’s lips quivered. “No! Grover’s a liar and good riddance. We’re better off without him.”

  2. VIRL for Messup
    The People of Sparks page 104
    Caspar’s footsteps came closer, crunching on the gravelly ground, and then receded again.

  3. Vocab. Word: Traversed

    Book: Eldest Author: Christopher Paolini

    Page #: 223

    Sentence: The bark beneath his feet was smooth and flat from the many elves who had traversed it, but it was still part of the trunk, as were the twisting banisters by his side and the curved railing that slid under his right hand.

    Period 3

    Group Name: Roly-Poly

  4. V.I.R.L for Flying Rainbow Sheep
    Book: Past The Forest

    Vocab: Quivering

    Sentence: Standing up, I took a step forward. “Who’s there?” I cried out quivering.

    Period 4

  5. Word: Distorted

    From: Health Book. We were reading about the nervous system in health today, and the word distorted was in the reading.

    PG #: 315

    Sentence: Drugs can also alter the nervous system’s responses and may cause hallucinations and distorted perceptions of reality.

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