Vocabulary #25 – The Roots -bio- and -viv-











***Here is a link that you can use to ‘hear’ the pronunciation of each of this week’s vocabulary words. It also includes sample sentences, synonyms, related words and derivations.

Vocabulary Homework Due Thursday, Quiz in Friday

VIRL in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Vocabulary #25 – The Roots -bio- and -viv-

  1. Vocabulary in the Real World

    “Kim Grice’s face was badly burned in the ‘flash fire’ that sparked during an outpatient procedure to have biopsies performed on cysts on her head in Florida Tuesday.”



  2. virl

    More specific definitions consider soils as the results of the complex interactions between the lithosphere (which provides the rocks as parent material), the atmosphere and hydrosphere (which cause physical and chemical weathering), the biosphere (which provides organic components) and time (soil needs long periods to form) – oversimplifying we can say that soils are the remains of the weathering of rocks enriched by organic debris.


  3. Period 4
    Couch Potatoes

    Mr. Cole’s blog post on Wednesday, November 18th, 2008

    Presentation combines both visual and verbal elements. It is the way we “exhibit” our message on paper. Even if our ideas, words, and sentences are VIVID, precise, and well constructed, the piece will not be inviting to read unless the guidelines of presentation are present. Think about examples of text and presentation in your environment. […]

  4. nothing but the sight of my uncle,, and his eyes playing hide and seeking with mine, revived the force of my distrust.

    page 23,

  5. In Big Bang Theory, Season 5, in one scene where Sheldon talks to Amy. And Sheldon says, “Would you like to talk about it? No is a viable answer”

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