Rome Compare and Contrast Essay

Your next assessment will be a compare and contrast essay. You will be choosing a topic about ancient Rome and comparing and contrasting it to life today.

The due date for this essay will be Tuesday December 13.

You will be given class time to work on your essay. In addition, you will have the chance to present your information in the form of a slideshow. More information to follow.

Below are some websites to start with:

Roman Military

Victori – The Roman Military – lots of information and links

The Roman Army – through time, and different groups – little harder to read through

Roman Military Equipment

Roman Military Glossary

For Fun – People in Rome dressing up as Romans


roman music

Roman Music

The Music of Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Musical Instruments



Good site on Roman Woodworking Tools

List of Roman Medical Tools

Good site on Roman Tools of War

General Tools

More Tools

Ancient Roman Tools and Weapons

Tools of the ancient Romans (an ebook you can download for free, I think)

Weapons and Equipment of the Roman Army – scroll down to second last section, there is a list

Building materials in ancient Rome – some connection to tools



Education in ancient Rome – rich and poor, boys and girls

Ancient Roman education

Education – reading, writing, sewing and weaving

Education – through the history of Rome

Education – schools

Funerals and Death


The Romans and their dead

Ancient Roman burial practices

A Roman funeral

Tombs and Funerals



Roman clothing and how it shows status

Nice site – shows women and mens clothes with some sketches, and information on even underwear!

Clothing in Ancient Rome – class differences

More clothing – some jewelry at the end

Clothing – women, men, accessories, hairstyles

History for kids – clothing

Roman Children Games


Life of a Roman child – school and toys and pets

Differences between boys and girls, bit on toys

Little on games for children, more on general roman entertainment

History for kids – some pictures

Patricians and Plebians

Roman Government

Roman Religion

Religion in ancient Rome, comprehensive, conclusion compares it with Christianity today

History learning site, photo of family alter

List of Roman gods

Roman Calendar

Compare Roman and Gregorian (today’s modern) calendars

List of different calendars, including Roman

Short explanation of Roman / Gregorian and other calendars

Roman Surgery / Medicine

General overview – lots of words

Links to both Roman Medicine and Roman Surgery

Comprehensive, lots of detail – and great pictures of surgical instruments used

Good information on Roman plants – scroll down

Many Links

Roman Numerals

Nova Roma – easy to understand

Numeral Chart

More comprehensive, larger numbers

History of Roman Numerals 1

Use of Roman Numerals today

Roman Alphabet

Latin and English differences in alphabet

Ancient and Modern Lain alphabet

Roman Names

The system of Roman names was unique

Behind the name – boys names, girls names, Roman names used today

Roman Food

Lots of simple information

Food for rich people

Roman food information

Roman Dishes and Recipes

Roman Art

Ancient Mosaic Art / Roman Mosaic Art

Modern Mosaic (short)

More detail, mosaic art in Rome

Mosaic in ancient Rome

Origin of ancient Roman Mosaics

Pictures of Roman mosaics

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