5 Themes of Geography

The five themes of geography are location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction.5themes

The five themes enable you to discuss and explain people, places, and environments of the past and present.

  1. Read pgs. 35-40 in the World Cultures and Geography book.
  2. Skill builder – Answer location questions #1 and 2 on page #36
  3. Skill builder – Answer region questions #1 and 2 on page #38
  4. Section 1 Assessment – Answer the 5 Themes questions #1-4 on page #40. Complete sentences only.

The Five Themes of Geography – summary

Location-being able to describe where things are located. Absolute Location uses latitude and longitude, while relative location describes where something is in relation to other places.

Place – describes what a place is like.

Region– places can be grouped by similarities, or features they have in common. (physical features and human features)

Movement – describes how people, goods, adn ideas move from one place to another.

Human-Environment Interaction – describes how humans interact with, depend on, adapt to, and modify the world around them.


How’s this for Human-Environment Interaction?


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