Making Connections in Humanities


Research and prepare notes for each of the following questions. You may use your notes and resources for the test tomorrow. There will be one additional question that you will be required to answer. It will relate to the essential questions and all areas of study in this unit (the big ? in the middle).

1. Think about the specific challenges that Odysseus faced. What kinds of challenges might these represent for you today?
2. What values were taught to young Spartans? How did these values impact their behavior? Think about your own values. Where have your values come from? How do they impact your behavior and shape who you are?
1. A story starts as an idea. You also have an idea of the person you want to be. Describe how you create and achieve your goals in writing and in life.
2. Roald Dahl states, “This is not an autobiography, I would never write a history of myself. On the other hand, throughout my young days at school and afterwards a number of things happened to me that I have never forgotten.”
What are the writing techniques that you used to create a personal narrative that shows rather than an autobiography that tells? Link these techniques to the 6 Traits.
1. How do Odysseus and Dahl overcome challenges and demonstrate perseverance?
2. Compare Roald Dahl’s education to the education of a Spartan.

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