Renaissance Art Essay Topics – brainstorm

Take time to get to know the skills of each member of your group. Brainstorm ideas for each essay topic. You will work together and collaborate on the essays. ALL group members need to brainstorm ideas for ALL essay topics tonight for homework.

1.What makes our painting a great example of Renaissance Art?
• You need to refer back to your list of characteristics of Renaissance art (see blog for more details)
• Main things: perspective, realistic, light and shadow, expression on faces, subject matter could be religious or non religious, balance, symmetrical, nature, study of anatomy, use of color

2.Where would our painting be best exhibited? Why is this location ideal?
• Think about the light source, who will see it
• Audience appropriateness, how many people will see it (traffic flow), thoughts and emotions it might inspire in others
• Why should it be displayed (you could incorporate some characteristics of a Renaissance art piece to support your argument here), how will it visibly enhance this area
• Aesthetics (complement color scheme, add color to a plain area)

3.What qualifications does our group have that justifies our commission?
• Awards won, classes in and outside of school, their grade in art, skills already learned in art (perspective, proportion, etc.), or math (e.g. the proportion unit in math), or science (anatomy, dissection), art pieces already completed that demonstrate skill.
• Focus on what skills you as a group bring to the table to create this painting

4.As a group, how do we demonstrate the spirit of a Renaissance Person?
• Definition of Renaissance Man / Person
• Research / discover your groups talents – music, sport, language, tech, art, math, science, dance, drama, leadership, extra curricular activities
• Focus on what makes you a well rounded individual
• Build your essay around the multiple skills that your groups has – think about how you might group these skills – under general categories e.g. artistic skills, athletic skills, academic skills,

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