If you missed class today

If you missed class today because of the Chinese field trip, then journal about this question on your own for homework.

EQ2 – How does art show what is important to a society?

Think about all the public art that can be found around the world. Do a search for public art and see the diverse results. Write a 1/2 page- 1 page journal entry answering this question.

Renaissance Art Project – today in class students began searching for works of Renaissance art that they would like to re-create for the Renaissance Art Project. Remember, your art work should be a great example of Renaissance Art. Choose four works of art, copy an image of them along with the details of the name of the artist, year it was made, and name of the work of art. Put these images and their information in a folder in your Renaissance Art Project folder.

So, two things for homework:

  1. Journal about EQ2
  2. Copy four art works from the Renaissance that you’d like to re-create for your project

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