Feudal Narrative

Hello kings, lords, knights, and peasants! I need something from you. This time, instead of taxes or soldiers, I need you to supply me with a short writing assignment…

First, visit The Middle Ages. Read the introduction and click on the link to begin your journey. Once inside, select a guide who will show you what their life is like. You may choose the merchant, the nun, the peasant, or the knight. Follow the links to learn about how your guide lived his or her life during the Middle Ages.

Once you have done your reading, write a 1-2 page first-person account of daily life for a person living in the Middle Ages. You should make up a name, develop a voice, and describe your life as a king, noble, knight, or peasant. Feel free to give yourself a family and describe them as well. Most importantly, please have fun with this writing assignment.

Don’t forget to go through the stages of the writing process so your writing will be of top quality. It won’t take long to do everything right since the length is only 1-2 pages!

You will need to have your rough draft ready for Tuesday February 22.

Due: Friday 2/25/11

Our trusty Six Traits Rubric will be used to evaluate this written piece forVoiceWord Choice, and Conventions.

Here’s an example from last year.

Examples of Feudal Narratives

Here is the rubric you will be assessed with

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 3.09.32 PM

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