The Fall of Rome

Today in class we read pgs. 236-240 in our World Studies book. Tonight for homework you need to answer the followingworld studiesquestions.

  1. Describe the factors that contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire.
  2. What effect did each of these factors have on the health and stability of the empire?
  3. What did the emperor Constantine do to show he accepted Christianity?
  4. What did Constantine try to strengthen the Christian church?
  5. What events led to the fall of Rome?
  6. Why was the Roman army unable to resist the invading armies of the northern tribes?
  7. Writing Activity (describe in a paragraph): Today we think of the fall of the Western Roman Empire in A.D. 476 as a great turning point in history. However, some historians think most people in those days hardly noticed any change. Why do you think that might have been true?

Click Here to read the pdf of pgs. 236-240

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