Christianity and the Roman Empire

  1. What ideas did Jesus teach?rome_a6
  2. Why did Jesus’ ideas attract so many followers?
  3. Why do you think the Roman governor had Jesus put to death?
  4. What was the Roman Pantheon?
  5. What does persecution mean?
  6. In what ways were Christians persecuted?
  7. Look at source A in the attachment. How do you know that the owner of the house was a Christian? Explain your answer fully.
  8. What helped the spread of Christianity?
  9. Look at source C. Why do you think that Constantine had the troops paint the emblem on their shields?
  10. Make a list of things that have remained the same since Roman times in the Roman Catholic Church.
  11. Which of the sources are primary and which are secondary? Explain your answer fully.
  12. What does source A tell you about the spread of Christianity?
  13. Writing Activity: You are a Roman citizen who has just learned about Christianity. Write a paragraph describing what you now know about the religion. Write your description from the Roman’s point of view.

Christianity and the Roman Empire

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