All Roads Lead to Rome

Watch the Ancient Civilizations video on Ancient Rome today. Copy and paste the questions into a Word document.

Take notes in a different font color. Then answer the  questions. Write your answers to the questions on your blog under a post titled “Ancient Rome”.  Make sure you re-state the questions in your answers:

1. What natural disaster occurred on the Bay of Naples in AD79?  How did this create one of the greatest archaeological sites ever studied?

2. What have archaeologists learned about life at the height of the Roman Empire from the excavations in Pompeii?

3. According to legend, how was Rome founded?

4. How was the Roman government organized under the Republic?  What influence has the Roman Republic had upon modern governments like that of the United States?

5. Who was Julius Caesar?  Why was he assassinated?

6. How extensive was the Roman Empire?  Why was a system of roads critical to keeping the Empire?

7. Name some significant engineering successes in the building of Rome.

8. What was the official language of the Roman Empire?  How has the language of the Romans influenced modern languages?

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