Unequal Resources Simulation Discussion Questions

When your group finishes, discuss these questions.

Homework – answer these questions in a document of your own. We will discuss them tomorrow in class.

1. Could your group have completed the tasks without getting resources from another country? Why or why not?

2. How did your country adapt to not having all the resources it needed?

3. Were there any conflicts between groups? Why or why not?

4. Were there any communication problems when dealing with other groups? What may have contributed to those problems?

5. How did you feel when you realized that resources were unequally distributed?

6. What resources were in high demand? Describe the negotiations for these high demand items.

7. Can you give examples of innovative ways in which groups completed their tasks?

8. Are there any real life situations in the world that come to mind when you think of this activity? How are they similar? Different?

9. What new questions did this activity raise for you? How do you plan to investigate them?

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