Digital Storytelling

Congratulations on completing your personal narratives. You all worked extremely hard revising and editing your writing. As an extension of this work you will now create a Digital Narrative of your story. We will be working this in the classroom over the next few lessons. You will be presenting this to the class on Wednesday, October 27th. Your Digital Narrative should be no longer than two minutes in length.

Today you will be working on a two column Story Table as shown below:

1.   Write your narrative script into the left column of the story table. You should identify key events that summarize your story. This is what you will say, your dialogue, in your digital story.

2.  Search for, or create, appropriate images that support your narrative. Describe and show these on the right side of the table. Save the images/videos in a folder on iPhoto.

Two-column Story Table

Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 9.20.44 AM

Here are some samples of digital presentations using Photobooth, iMovie, and Keynote.







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