Revising for WORD CHOICE

From Write Source- When you revise for word choice, check that you’ve used words that express specific feelings. Also check to see whether you have used participles correctly.

Have you used words that express the right feeling?

  • Think about the feeling you want to express. List the words that fit that feeling. Have you used them in your narrative? Make changes to express the correct feeling in your writing.

How can participles improve your writing?

  • Participles are powerful adjectives that help writers strengthen their writing. They are formed by adding -ing and -ed to verbs.
  • (e.g. – Leaves decay and fill the forest with a rich smell. (verb))
  • (becomes – The rich smell of decaying leaves fills the forest. (ing participle))

Try these methods to enhance your word choice in your narrative. Also be sure and use a rich vocabulary. Look to our vocabulary lessons for colorful words.

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