Revising for IDEAS

After today, many of you felt like you had a lot of work to do. Actually, that’s great. Revising is the time to find out that you made mistakes and need to improve things.

The important things to keep in mind while revising for Ideas are…
1.) Show, don’t tell.
– Let the reader figure things out.
–  Don’t overuse verbs like was. Instead of saying “My teacher was nice.” show us what she does or
says that makes her so nice.
2.) Use sensory details
– Sensory details make the story come alive.
– Sensory details help us show instead of telling.

If you missed Monday, we highlighted our drafts for sensory details.
Sight – Red
Touch – Blue
Smell – Green
Taste – Orange
Hear – Purple

If you don’t have enough sensory details,  think of places where you can add more to your story.

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