Prewriting – follow the steps

Be sure you have done all the steps in Prewriting for your Personal Narrativebanner_prewriting

1. Selecting a Topic – using sentence starters. Which is the most interesting.

2. Focusing on Your Topic – what lesson did you learn.

3. Remembering the Details – 5W+H

  • Who was in the experience?
  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Why is this experience important?
  • How did I change? (This one’s important!)
  • Freewrite-Write nonstop about your topic for five minutes to see what you remember. You’re not drafting; you’re just telling what happened.

4. Putting Events in Order – list 6-10 events and put them in chronological, or time, order. Include the lesson you learned.

5. Gathering Sensory Details – make a table with details using the 5 senses. (I saw…  I heard… I smelled… I fetl… I tasted…)

6. Adding Dialogue – use conversation in your writing. Use dialogue in your writing to…

  • Show a speaker’s personality and bring characters to life
  • Keep the action moving and hold your reader’s attention
  • Add information to make it more interesting

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